Parks and Recreation


The Village of Tequesta Parks & Recreation Department is committed to providing safe and state of the art park and recreation facilities. We offer leisure, educational, and physical activities to promote development in the arts, sportsmanship, cultural, family and community fellowship. We offer these activities in the spirit of enhancing the quality of life of the Village residents and visitors to our community. The Parks & Recreation Department is committed to providing personal growth, self-esteem, respect and pride in the community.


In this section you will find information on the various parks, facilities, and activities in the Parks and Recreation Department. To access this information, use the menu at the left.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. If I want to use the pavilion(s)/gazebo at Constitution Park, do I have to reserve it?
    • A1. Yes. Call (561) 768-0474.
  • Q2. Is there a fee to reserve the pavilion(s)/gazebo at Constitution Park?
    • A2. Yes. Call (561) 768-0474.
  • Q3. When does registration begin for the next session?
    • A3. Registration is open
  • Q4. How do I reserve a room in the Rec Center for a meeting?
    • A4. Call 561-768--0474.
  • Q5. Do I have to have a membership card for Skate Park entry?
    • A5. Yes. Upon completing the registration form located in the Rec Center, you will receive a membership card and/or receipt which will need to be shown to the on duty Skate Park Attendant for admission to the Skate Park.
  • Q6. Is there a fee for using the Skate Park?
    • A6. Yes. Call 561-768-0470.
  • Q7. Can I bring my skateboard, bike or scooter into Constitution Park?
    • A7. No. Neither bikes nor scooters are allowed in the park and should be secured at the bike rack outside the park entrance. Boards must be walked into the Skate Park.
  • Q8. Are there any event sponsorship opportunities?
    • A8. Yes.
  • Q9. How do I know if I am a resident of the Village of Tequesta, and what does my residency determine?
    • A9. In most cases, your residency will determine when you can register for classes and how much you will pay for activities and entrance fees to events. A resident will have priority in registering for programs/classes and will pay less that a non-resident. A resident pays taxes to the Village of Tequesta. A non-resident does not pay taxes to the Village of Tequesta. (A mailing address with "Tequesta" as part of your address does NOT define residency, nor does having a business located in or paying your water bill to the Village of Tequesta.)