Environmental Advisory Committee

During the July 11, 2019 Council Meeting, Council approved Resolution 21-19 establishing the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) to help ensure the well being of all the areas natural and public resources, as well as the general well being of all residential and commercial landscaped and vegetation areas in the Village.   Council understands negative impacts on the Villages environment and its natural and public resources can come from sources from within and from outside of the Village and with proper education and regulation may be controlled or mitigated.  This committee is comprised of seven (7) members whom are residents of the Village of Tequesta.

Tom Bradford, Chair
Robert Shaw, Vice-Chair
Frank Harding
Lisa Krimsky
Jessica Namath
Maria Pearson
Resa Listort

To reach an EAC member via email:  vot.firstinitiallastname.eac@gmail.com  (Ex.  vot.tbradford.eac@gmail.com)