Bid Questions/Answers

Number Question Answer
1. What is the estimated construction budget? The engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost is $45,000.
2. Do you require union bidders only for your projects? There are no union requirements for this project.
3. Can I get a copy of the plan holders list, if available? A plan holders list is not available for this solicitation. All bid documents are issued via the Village website in electronic format for distribution.
4. Can I get a copy of the addendum, if available? Any addenda issued will be posted to the Village website.  Check the Addendum's page.
5. There was no mention of a bid bond in the bid documents, please verify that a bid bond is omitted for this project. This is referenced in Addendum 1.  A Bid must be accompanied by Bid security made payable to Owner in an amount of 5 percent of Bidder’s maximum Bid price (determined by adding the base bid and all alternates) and in the form of a certified check, bank money order, or a Bid bond. 
6. Will you please provide us with the engineer’s estimate for the above-mentioned project? The engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost is $45,000. 
7. If the shrubs on the west property line are damaged during construction do they need to be replaced? Yes. The Shrubs are on the property line at 474 Riverside Drive.
8.. If dewatering is required where can the water be discharged? Water generated from dewatering activities, if required, can be discharged into the storm drain system within the right-of-way provided that the appropriate SFWMD permit is acquired and best management practices are used to meet applicable water quality requirements.
9. Have any soil reports been acquired for the project? No
10. Who is responsible for testing? The Contractor is responsible to coordinated and paying for the required concrete and soil density tests.
11. How wide will the temporary construction easement be? 14’ on the West and South Side of the Property. 
12. Is sod required for disturbed areas? Yes, all disturbed areas shall be sodded with a like variety of sod. 
13. Can the survey be provided? The survey has been uploaded onto the Village website and Demandstar as Addendum 3. 
14. How many contract days to complete the job and the liquidated damages. See Page 10, #70 Term of Contract and Page 7, #53 Failure To Deliver or Complete Work. 
15. The construction plans G-01 & G-02 are very difficult to read.Can the Engineer provide us with new sheets. The Plans were provided as a PDF. Bidders can print to the size needed to read the plans
16. The excavation for the footing will be in the water table at Elev.1.3.Therefore is dewatering required for the project ? If the answer is yes, will we have to obtain a dewatering permit? Will the Village of Tequesta allow the contractor to discharge into a storm drain? We do anticipate dewatering in the lower elevations of the wall, when it is necessary to dewater, we cannot directly discharge into a Village storm drain, they will need to discharge ahead of it, to allow sheet flow (percolation/water quality) prior to entering the storm drain. We just need to be careful which storm drain we discharge into. If there is a direct connection to an outfall, then a turbidity barrier would be required.
17. The adjacent property owner west of the 374 West Riverside drive property has a pretty substantial size hedge established on the property line that will have to be removed.Will the contractor be required to re-install a new one?If the answer is yes,what type & size hedge will be required? The Hedges are on the Property line at 474 Tequesta Drive. The hedges are not to be removed. The Contractor will be required to replace any damaged hedges at their cost. The contractor will replace any damaged hedges to match the existing hedges and height.
18. The excavation for the project, can it remain on the 374 West Riverside property and then be reused for the backfilling of the wall? The excess material can remain on the property and used to backfill, as long as it is clean material.
19. Is the contractor required to compact the fill during the backfilling operation? If the answer is yes what are the density requirements?  Yes, to a 95% of modified Proctor density.
20. The excavation depth on sheet S-01 shows a cut of 7' and the width of the footer is 4' ,say 6' to give the workers room to work in the trench. The top of the excavation is going to be approximately 12' wide at the existing grade. Question work was being constructed at the 375 West Riverside property. The working space between the two properties looks to be very close and I foresee there being an issue with workers from the adjacent property not being able to access their work. Has this issue been thought out ? Is there a Temp. access agreement in place with the two adjacent homeowners? What is the width that the contractor has to work within ? This issue may affect the homeowner on the Tequesta Drive side as well. There is not a temporary construction easement on the adjacent properties. The Contractor can seek to obtain a temporary construction easement with the adjacent property owners.
Hand digging should be considered. The Contractor will be required to restore any damage to the adjacent properties at their cost.

21. What is the amount of liquidated damages per day? On the attached document labeled Bid Questions, #14 answered this question about liquidated damages and references #53 in the Specifications for the project.  This is referenced in Addendum 4.