Tequesta Drive and Tequesta Bridge Stormwater Improvements

The Tequesta Drive & Tequesta Bridge Stormwater Improvements Project will address localized ponding at the northwest corner of the Pinetree Drive and Tequesta Drive intersection by widening the existing turning radius and installing a new stormwater inlet,curb and gutter to provide positive drainage for the intersection. Other features of the project include pedestrian safety improvements and stabilization of embankment on the northeast side of the Tequesta Bridge.  Watch a short video of our Utilities Director and Public Works Director explaining the project. 

Budget: $153,000

Funding Source: Stormwater Enterprise Fund

Start Date: November 2019

Projected Finish Date:  March 2021

Project Contact:  David Tinoco (561) 768-0484 dtinoco@tequesta.org 

Current Status:  Ferreira Construction has reached substantial completion and is wrapping up the punchlist items to close out the project. Thank you for your patience during construction. (Updated 4/13/21)

 Tequesta Drive Stormwater Project Figure