Bids / RFPs

Sidewalk Rehabilitation and Construction

RFQ NO. PW 01-17

Proposals for Village-wide Sidewalk Rehabilitation and Construction will be received by the Village of Tequesta at the Office of the Village Clerk, 345 Tequesta Drive, Florida 33469, Monday, May 8, 2017 at 3:00 PM. Any proposals received after the designated closing time will be returned unopened. The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to seek service of a qualified professional contractor to provide construction services to the Village of Tequesta for the repair and/or replacement and construction of sidewalk throughout the Village.

An original and two (2) copies a total of three (3) proposals shall be submitted in sealed envelopes/packages addressed to Lori McWilliams, MMC, Village Clerk, Village of Tequesta, Florida, and marked Village-Wide Sidewalk Rehabilitation and Construction. The Village reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals and to waive any technicalities or irregularities therein. The Village further reserves the right to award the contract to that proposer whose proposal best complies with the RFP NO: PW 01-17 requirements. Proposers may not withdraw their proposal for a period of ninety (90) days from the date set for the opening thereof.

Requests for Proposal packages may be obtained from the Village’s website or the Village of Tequesta’s Village Clerk’s Office, 345 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, FL 33469.

All questions and requests for additional information in connection with this Request for Qualifications and selection shall be directed to Doug Chambers, Public Works Supervisor, at 561-768-0483 or

Lori McWilliams, MMC Village Clerk

Questions, Answers and Addendum's

Q.  What is the budget per year?
A.  That will be determined on a year-to-year basis depending on available funds.

Q.  Can you please email me the plan holders list?

A.  There is not a plan holders list, nor were plans provided.

Q.  Can you provide the sign-in sheets from the pre-bid meeting?
  There was not a pre-bid meeting.

Q.  Are there any addendum's?
  Any addendum's will be noted here, and as stated in the bid, it is the responsibility of the bidder to check for addendum's.

Q.  Will the work be issued in work orders, or similar, with quantities for each pay item?
  No, we will identify and area of sidewalk in need of repair or replacement and ask the contractor to provide a quote based on the pricing approved in the Contract.  Projects/Work Orders will be determined by available funding int eh budget and access to the location(s).

Q.  Will there be minimum quantities per work order?
I am not clear as to what you mean by minimum quantities per work order.  Project/Work Orders will be determined by available funding in the budget and access to the location(s).