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Class Descriptions
Mah Jongg
This is a Free game offered on Mondays and Wednesdays. A game of Chinese origin played with tiles resembling dominoes and bearing different designs. The game consists of four players. Instruction is provided for first time players.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan is the art of effortless movement. This class consists of a series of relaxed, flowing postures leading to increased strength, balance, coordination, and clarity.

Music Together
This program builds on a child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. Participants meet weekly to experience songs, chants, and movement activities. There is a material fee for this class.

Children's Gymnastics
Fun & fit program for all ages. Boys & girls. Building balance, core strength and agility.

  • Adult Cardio
Fun, group activities. Burn more calories. Total body workout. Improve your tennis game through drills and games.

  • Beginner Adult
Learn basic tennis strokes, terminology and rules.

  • Adult Intermediate
Improve strokes, footwork, and strategy.

  • Adult Hit & Run
Fast paced games, exercise, and fun.

  • Children's Tennis
Develop basic motor skills, eye/hand coordination. Intro to tennis terms.

  • Beginner Tennis
Introduce basic tennis strokes, volleys, serves, and overheads.

  • Intermediate Tennis
Improve basic strokes through individual and team play. Develop competitive and cooperative skills.

Low impact aerobics and dance focusing on balance, flexibility, stretching and Weight bearing dance moves. Beginners welcome.

This class combines traditional yoga postures with linking movements and breathing techniques to deliver a well-rounded practice for the body and mind. Students work on strength, balance, flexibility all while maintaining mindfulness and equanimity.

Children’s Dance
Ms. Carla's combo class consists of tap, ballet, and tumbling. The objective of the class is for participants to develop grace, coordination, strength, and poise. The skills that are focused on are: balance and body movement, as well as proper technique and flexibility.

Zumba is the dance/fitness workout that uses African beats and Latin rhythms to help you get fit. Using an interval format each class combines dance & fitness moves for cardiovascular health, toning and strength building. The instructor, Vanessa Turner is a certified Zumba instructor.

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