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Sidewalk Repair - Country Club Drive
Sidewalk Repair_CC Dr.jpg
Staff repaired a section of sidewalk on Country Club Drive. Oak Tree roots had pushed up the asphalt sidewalk creating a serious tripping hazard.

Staff chopped out the old asphalt, cut out oak tree roots with a street saw, repaired a damaged 1" irrigation line, compacted soil base, applied new asphalt and tampered to a level finish.

Repair crew:

  • John Lundgren, Crew leader
  • Bo Chesnes, Maintenance Worker
  • Michael Filipkowski- new employee and first asphalt sidewalk patch.

Thanks to the local residents for alerting us to this potential tripping hazard.


Tequesta Drive Bridge Lighting
Tequest Dr Bridge_Lights.jpg
With the assistance of the Fire and Police Department, staff utilized the Village's boat and installed new LED lights on the columns on the Tequesta Drive Bridge.

We also added inline fuses in the recessed junction boxes on the walk-way to protect the column lights from surges. This will protect the LED lamps and reduce the need to utilize the boat for repairs.

Boaters will no longer be able to tie off to the lights or adjust them downward. All of the existing lights were broken beyond repair.

  • Installed a total of 8 lights
  • The outer columns have 2 blue lights each side of the bridge
  • The center has 2 clear lights each side of the bridge
  • The LED’s have a 5 year warranty

Questions:  Contact Public Works at 768-0482

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