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Document Center
Minutes and Agendas
Agendas, agenda backup, meeting audio, minutes and signed agreements are accessible via the Village's Document Center. Follow the steps outlined below:

How to access the agenda files in the Document Center:
  • Log onto www.tequesta.org
  • Select the Document Center icon in middle of screen 
  • Select Village Clerk
  • Select Agendas
  • Select the year
  • Select the agenda date file
  • On the left hand side of the screen will appear the individual documents associated with the agenda and on the right hand side will appear the agenda itself

How to search documents in the Village of Tequesta Document Center:
  • Log onto www.tequesta.org
  • Select the Document Center icon in middle of screen
  • Select Village Clerk
  • Select the document category you would like to search in (to narrow your search click all the way to the year in the specific category if you know the year) – for Example: you want to find the Planning and Zoning agenda item on the 10/15/09 Agenda. Do the following:
    • Select Agenda
    • Select 2000, 2009
  • Click the Search bar (left hand side of screen)
  • Under “Custom Search” select “Text” and “Within Folder” (the 2009 October Agenda folder will be in this box)
  • Under Text type “Planning and Zoning”
  • Hit Search at the bottom of page
  • The 10/15/09 Agenda link will appear on the screen. The number to the right of the link is the exact location in the document where Planning and Zoning is located. Click the number to go directly to the agenda item or click the agenda link to go to the documents first page.

Available Items
Items available in the document center:
  • Agendas
  • Agenda supporting documentation
  • Agreements
  • Budget
  • Elections
  • History
  • Minutes
  • Orders
  • Ordinances
  • Records
  • Resolutions
  • Titles
  • Utilities Consumer Confidence Reports

Contact Information
Contact Village Clerk's Office for additional assistance - 561-768-0440.

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345 Tequesta Dr., Tequesta, FL 33469-0273
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