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Operation Safe Stop

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 
08-24-2011 Fire at Bus Stop.JPG
Monday, August 22, 2011 
Tequesta Fire-Rescue teamed up with the Police Department to provide an enhanced visibility and child education program designed to keep our children safe during the first week back to school.   The first week that children are back in school is the most dangerous time as drivers are not used to the children being out, often at dawn, and the students are having fun with their friends and may become distracted from their safety needs.

Firefighters were seen this morning around the Village, at six of the busiest bus stops, providing safety tips and handing out bus stop safety pencils.  They had their fire engines and rescue units on site, parked visibly, to warn drivers to slow down.  

Additionally, police units followed buses on their routes, making sure drivers obeyed bus stop laws, thereby creating a safer environment for Tequesta's children. 

Please join Tequesta in its Operation Safe Stop campaign by taking extra precautionary measures when traveling the streets of our Village. 
High School
08-22-2011 High School Stop with Fire.JPG  08-22-2011 Friends with the driver.JPG 
08-22-2011 High School Bus Stop - DARK OUT.JPG  08-22-2011 High Schoolers Having Safe Fun.JPG
08-22-2011 Student Talking about College Plans.JPG 08-22-2011 High Schoolers with Fire.JPG
Elementary School
08-22-2011 Vanessa Smolen handing out pencils.JPG  08-22-2011 Vanessa Smolen Talking Safety.JPG
08-22-2011 Police Following Bus to Monitor Traffic.JPG  08-22-2011 Our Friendly Police.JPG
Middle School
08-22 Middle 3.JPG  08-22 Middle 2 (2).JPG
08-22 Middle 7.JPG  08-22 Middle 5 (2).JPG
Cleared Front of Seabrook Property
Friday, July 22, 2011
The Public Work staff should be commended for the fantastic work accomplished over the past few days in clearing the front part of the Seabrook property. What a transformation!
Cleared Front 07-22-2011.jpg
Village Begins Clearing Seabrook Property
Wednesday, July 20, 2011

07-20-2011 Seabrook Property Clearing (10).jpg

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 

Mayor Presenting Badge.png

After 35 years in law enforcement, three with the Tequesta Police Department, Lt. Pete Pitocchelli was sworn in today as the Village’s new police chief. Following the swearing in ceremony, Mayor Paterno and Council presented Chief Pitocchelli with his badge while his daughter Haley and son Brandon accepted the honor of pinning their dad’s stars to signify his new rank.

Chief Pitocchelli, in an emotional address to his supporters, thanked each employee of the police department for their support and avowed, “This is not about one person. We are a team and we all have ownership in this department and Village. As long as we work together as a team, I see great things in the future for this department.”

Chief Pitocchelli looks forward to hitting the ground running with plans to be visible within the community.  

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