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Questions & Answers
Fire Department FAQs
  • Does Tequesta Fire Rescue Department offer blood pressure checks?
    • Yes. Free blood pressure checks are available at the Fire Station. The station is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week; (pending emergency calls); stop by anytime.
  • Does Tequesta Fire Rescue offer CPR Classes to community residents?
    • Yes. No formal classes are scheduled at this time, but if groups of 10 citizens are interested we will accommodate the request. Individuals can contact the American Red Cross for training and certification classes in both Fire Aid and CPR. We have included the link for the closest American Red Cross Chapter in our area. Please feel free to contact them for assistance. Also, the American Red Cross has On-line Training classes.
  • Does Tequesta Fire Rescue offer child safety seat installation?
    • No. The Tequesta Police Department has trained technicians that will install new car seats and ensure that existing ones are installed properly. Please call 561-768-0551for an appointment.
  • Does Tequesta Fire Rescue offer assistance to resident homeowners in need of smoke detectors?
    • Yes. Our program provides additional fire protection for our residents through the installation of smoke detectors, provided by residents. This program is complimentary; it includes battery replacement and installation. The program is available to residents living in the Village of Tequesta.
  • Will I get billed for an ambulance transport from Tequesta Fire Rescue?
    • Yes. Ambulance service of the Village of Tequesta Fire Rescue is a user fee service and not intended to be supported or underwritten by the taxpayers of the community, but rather by those who find it necessary to request this special emergency service. A user fee emergency medical transport service, as provided by Tequesta, is virtually universal with all ambulance services. As a courtesy Tequesta Fire Rescue will bill your insurance company and assist you with obtaining the maximum payment from your insurance company. However, you are financially responsible for this payment and/or any co-payments and deductibles.
  • How do I dispose of hazardous waste (motor oil, paint, fuel, electronics, etc)?
    • Items such as batteries, used oil, mercury, fluorescent bulbs, paint, propane cylinders, medical waste, etc. can be taken to the Solid Waste Authority. The Solid Waste Authority that has someone in attendance is located at 7501 N. Jog Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33412, phone 561-640-0400. The closest facility is the North County Transfer Station, 14185 Military Trail (SWA Road), Jupiter, FL 33458. Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturday: AM – 3:00 PM. This facility is unattended. 7:00 A list of some non-toxic substitutes that can be used in place of common household products that are hazardous is found on the SWA website.
  • Does the Village of Tequesta have a Needle Disposal Program to dispose of used needles, syringes and lancets (Sharps)?
    • Yes, this Program is provided for the private sector only. We have the containers and will also dispose of your used syringes and lancets in the approved container. There is a fee which includes the container and the disposal. Please call us at 768-0551 for further information.
  • How do I get information on the closest fire hydrant or fire station for insurance purposes?
    • If you live in the corporate limits of Tequesta just call us at 768-0551 and we will obtain this information for you. If you reside in Palm Beach County there is a designated insurance line, which is 561-233-0066 or you can complete an on-line request. Before submitting the request online, be sure to read both the Insurance Letter information and the Water Usage Agreement.
  • Does the Village of Tequesta require an annual fire safety inspection for businesses?
    • Yes. We consider ourselves to be partners with our business community. If we can prevent a fire from occurring, the result will be no economic loss for the business and the Village of Tequesta. Our focus when performing these inspections is life safety and the prevention of fires. Inspections are performed in accordance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code. Some of the things we look for during an inspection include; use of extension cords, improper storage of flammable materials, adequate and clear exiting signs, available fire extinguishing equipment that is mounted properly and up to date, properly displayed addresses, etc. If during our fire inspections we note any code violations, the business or building owner will be given written notice and an adequate correction period. If compliance has not been achieved in the time frame allowed, the issue may be referred to code enforcement for further actions and possible monetary fine.
  • Do I need a fire safety inspection for a Home Business License?
    • Yes. Call 561-768-0551to schedule an appointment for a fire safety inspection. Prior to calling, you will need to have a 2A 10BC (5 lb.) fire extinguisher with a current tag. There is no fee for this inspection.
  • Do I need a fire safety inspection for a Business Occupational License?
    • Yes. Call 561-768-0551 to schedule an appointment for a fire safety inspection. Prior to calling, you will need to have one fire extinguisher (type 2A 10BC) for every 3000 sq. ft. It must have a current tag from a Fire Equipment Company. The Emergency Exit lights must work. There should be no extension cords in use. The address should be properly displayed.

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