Class Descriptions

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is the art of effortless movement. This class consists of a series of relaxed, flowing postures leading to increased strength, balance, coordination, and clarity.


  • Adult Cardio

One -Hour of fun, fast paced, tennis drills and aerobic exercise. Fun, group activities. Burn more calories. Total body workout. Improve your tennis game through drills and games.

  • Beginner Adult

Learn basic tennis strokes, terminology and rules


  • Adult Hit & Run

Fast paced games, exercise, competitive play and fun.

  • Toddler Tennis 4-5 year olds

45 minute introduction for Toddlers to Tennis through games and play

  • Children's Tennis

    6-10 year olds

Games and Drills to promote eye and hand coordination and Tennis strokes. Intro to tennis terms.

  • Youth Tennis 11-16 year olds

Games and drills to improve skills and play.


This class combines traditional yoga postures with linking movements and breathing techniques to deliver a well-rounded practice for the body and mind. Students work on strength, balance, flexibility all while maintaining mindfulness and equanimity.

Beginners Pickleball

This class will help you learn the basic skills, drills, games rules, etiquette and tactics.