Class Descriptions

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is the art of effortless movement. This class consists of a series of relaxed, flowing postures leading to increased strength, balance, coordination, and clarity.


  • Adult Cardio

One -Hour of fun, fast paced, tennis drills and aerobic exercise. Fun, group activities. Burn more calories. Total body workout. Improve your tennis game through drills and games.

  • Beginner Adult

Learn basic tennis strokes, terminology and rules


  • Adult Hit & Run

Fast paced games, exercise, competitive play and fun.

  • Toddler Tennis 4-5 year olds

45 minute introduction for Toddlers to Tennis through games and play

  • Children's Tennis

    6-10 year olds

Games and Drills to promote eye and hand coordination and Tennis strokes. Intro to tennis terms.

  • Youth Tennis 11-16 year olds

Games and drills to improve skills and play.


This class combines traditional yoga postures with linking movements and breathing techniques to deliver a well-rounded practice for the body and mind. Students work on strength, balance, flexibility all while maintaining mindfulness and equanimity.