​Municipal Election - March 9, 2021

The next municipal election will be March 9, 2021.  The Qualifying Period for the 2021 election is over. Council Member Kyle Stone retains Seat 4 as he ran unopposed.  The two candidate below will be on the March 9 ballot.  You can click on their names to view their contact information.  

 Seat  Incumbent Residents who have Filed
To view the filing paperwork click the link on the name
 Seat 2  Abby Brennan (announced she is retiring)

Call or Email_1X1
Call or email the Village Clerk's Office to schedule a time to review the "Candidate Handbook" prior to the qualifying period. 

Council Members and Terms

Council Member Seat Term
Council Member Frank D'Ambra Seat 1 March 2020-March 2022
*Mayor Abby Brennan Seat 2 March 2019-March 2021
Council Member Laurie Brandon Seat 3 March 2018-March 2022
*Vice-Mayor Kyle Stone Seat 4 March 2019-March 2021
Council Member Bruce Prince Seat 5 March 2020-March 2022
* All five members are elected by the residents of Tequesta to serve as Council Members.  Each year during the Council Reorganization meeting, Council elects a member of the Council to serve as the Mayor and a member to serve as the Vice-Mayor for the period of one year.