Q1.  What is the cost of the new recreation/community center?
A1.  The total cost inclusive of the interior recreation equipment and furnishings is projected by our architects to be $5,500,000.

Q2.  Will building the recreation/community center require a tax increase?
A2.  The Village's current revenue stream will enable the recreation/community center to be built and operated with no increase in taxes.  

Q3.  When is the new recreation/community center expected to be completed?
A3.  Upon completion of the Village's community center outreach and final approval by the Village Council, we anticipate the recreation/community center to be completed and open for resident use in the late spring of 2021. 

Q4.  Will construction result in the closure of Constitution Park?
A4.  No.  The new recreation/community center will be located in the northeast corner of Constitution Park.  The construction area will be fenced off. The rest of Constitution Park will be open as usual. 

Q5.  What will happen to Parks and Recreation's current program offerings? 
A5.  Program offerings will continue as normal until the demolition of the existing building at the end of this year or early 2020.  Parks and Recreation will look for alternative space within the Village to provide as many of our current programs as possible.