Community Center Advisory Committee

Community Center Advisory Committee

The Village Council appointed an official "Community Center Advisory Committee". This committee, as an official Village committee formed under Resolution 10-19, will meet at publicly noticed meetings where the community is welcome to attend.

The committee members are: 

  • Chris Deragon (appointed by Kyle Stone)
  • Julia Woertz (appointed by Kristi Johnson)
  • Frank D'Ambra (appointed by Vince Arena)
  • Liz Schauer (appointed by Abby Brennan)
  • Tracey Kerwin (appointed by Laurie Brandon)

The committee will: 

  • Advise the Village Council on the proposed new community center at the proposed new location, prior to negotiating a new contract with the previously selected Architect Firm for formal architectural design of the new community center.
  • Hold public information meetings for the purpose of sharing ideas with the public and equally important, for the purpose of receiving public comment regarding community center features and functionality. 
  • Report to the Village Council on a regular basis regarding its work and shall present its recommendations for the Community Center to the Village Council for further direction, final review and ultimate approval.
  • Appoint from among its membership a Chair and a Vice-Chair, and shall establish its own rules of procedure; however any such rules shall comply with and be subject to the Florida Government in the Sunshine laws and the Florida Public Records Act (information which will be reviewed during the first meeting).