Tree Canopy Enhancement Program

The goal of the program is to preserve and enhance the tree canopy within the Village of Tequesta.  Trees are vital to the quality of life in our community and important in helping mitigate climate change.  Trees clean the air of particulate matter and add to the beauty and charm of our Village.  The objective of the program is to plan, maintain and manage landscape trees with a goal to increase the tree canopy over time. Projects will include tree planting, tree removal and/or pruning.

The program goals include recognizing the need to utilize best practices to protect and enhance the tree canopy while co-existing with utilities.

The Benefits

  • Cooler streets, parking lots, and buildings
  • Increased natural beauty
  • Higher property values
  • A more diverse and sustainable community

Phase l –Tequesta Drive from Old Dixie Hwy to County Club Drive

  • Planting and removal in the Village right of Way
  • Dates: Feb – March (2024)

Tree Selection and Plantings

  • 36 - Live Oaks
  • 29 - Sable Palm
  • 38 - Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass
  • Root barrier

Tree Removal

Trees that are diseased, invasive or comprising utilities or property

  • 1 - Royal Palm
  • 7 - Queen Palms
  • 1 - Carrot Wood
  • 1 - Acacia

Adopt a Tree ProgramTree_adopt a tree_Transparent

Homeowners within the Village limits can apply to have a tree planted in the right-of-way in front of their homes (if space allows).


  • You must be the property owner
  • The property must be residential and located within the Village limits
  • The tree location must be in the right-of-way adjacent to you property

Complete the online application

Applications are being accepted now. 

APPLICATIONSite assessment

Once your application has been submitted, Village staff will contact you to schedule a site visit to determine if a desired tree fits in the available space.

Final application review/selection

In September, Village staff will complete a final review of applications and select those approved for planting. The number of trees planted is based on available budget.

Trees are planted

Approved trees will be planted during the months of January –March.

Water and care for your new tree

It is your responsibility to water and care for your new tree. If the tree dies due to lack of proper watering or care, it will not be replaced. Enjoy your new tree and watch it grow!

Visit the Adopt-a-tree webpage for comprehensive information.  

Questions? Send an email to the Public Works Department.