Historic Volunteers

The Historicals

Longtime residents Pat Watkins (former Mayor) and Marcia Nielson, are affectionately known by the Village Clerk's Office as our "Hysterical Historicals".  Pat and Marcia volunteer their time on many Friday mornings to organize, archive and preserve our Village's history.  You can hear these two ladies having a blast as they go through old photos and memorabilia.  You can tell from the laughter that they are truly enjoying the task at hand.  

As soon as they have all the files and memorabilia categorized, they will begin to image the records so that residents and visitors can access it via their computers.  They will also have a standing article in the Smoke Signals for your information and enjoyment.  

Be a Part of Tequesta's History

Assist us in gathering items for the displays. Should you have copies or preferably original memorabilia that can be maintained for historical purposes by the Village please contact Mary Ann Grieser at 561-768-0445. Should you have items of interest but would prefer not to donate them, we can copy and return them to you. Additionally, if you would like to provide an audio interview of your experiences as a Tequesta resident, the Clerk's Office would be happy to schedule a time to record your memoirs. 

Historical Artifact

Please complete the Historical Artifact form and return it to the Village Clerk's Office. For additional information, contact 561-768-0445