Alarm Permit Form

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Sec. 4-22 of the Code of Ordinances requires that applications for alarm permits shall be made to the chief of police or designee on forms provided by the police department. The application shall state the name, address, and telephone number of the applicant's property to be serviced by the alarm, and the name and address and telephone number of the applicant's residence, if different. If the applicant's alarm is installed or serviced by an alarm business, then the applicant shall also include the name and address of that business. A permit cannot be issued if the alarm business intended to be used is not licensed by the village. Each permit shall be valid for a period of not more than one year, a permit period beginning on October 1 and ending on September 30 of the subsequent year.
Commercial Alarm
Alarm Information
Persons (neighbors, employees, relatives) who may be notified of an alarm at your home or business and who are able to meet with officers at the location, if necessary, if you are unavailable.
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