Road and Sidewalk Improvements

The Village of Tequesta is committed to maintaining its infrastructure and building a more resilient, safe and connected community. The Capital Improvement Plan is a short-long range schedule of public infrastructure improvements. Capital planning coordinates resources to improve the Village of Tequesta’s infrastructure.

The schedule of projects acts as a guide to identify capital projects necessary to meet the overall needs of vital infrastructure in the Village.  Capital projects are evaluated and prioritized on an annual basis and subject to change based on a variety of reasons. Priorities and service needs can shift annually.

Funding is appropriated by the Village Council only for the current fiscal year of the Capital Improvement Plan.  However, it is important to map and plan ahead to establish funding priorities for short-long term projects.  The current 5-year Sidewalk Capital Improvement Plan and the 20-year Road Capital Improvement Plan is linked below. 

Please contact the Public Works Department should you have questions about the CIP.

Public Works Department 561-768-0482