Council Procedures and Rules of Decorum

​Resolution 26-18

On August 9, 2018, Council approved Resolution 26-18 updating the Village's public participation rules and policies to include general meeting decorum rules and policies and a process for addressing and handling disruptions during public meetings.  
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Public Participation and Rules of Decorum

The Village Council welcomes input from its residents and the general public. Public comments / communications from citizens are limited to 3 (three) minutes. Anyone wishing to address Council should complete a “Comments by the Public” card and present it to the Village Clerk prior to the Communications from Citizens. When you are called to speak, please go to the podium and state your name and address for the record prior to addressing Council. Council will not discuss this item this evening; however, Council may choose to have the item placed on a future agenda for discussion. Reference Resolution 26-18 regarding public participation.


Voting shall be by “Yes” or “No” vote, except when the Mayor or another Council Member requests a roll call vote; and roll call votes shall be ordered and called for by the Village Clerk with the person who made the motion called first, the person who seconded the motion called second, and the others called in any order, except the Mayor shall be called to cast the final vote.

It shall be standard policy that the Village Council shall not vote on any item which was not on the agenda, particularly because the public would not know it was going to be voted on.

Communications from Council

Communications from Council is an opportunity for individual Council Members to relate to their colleagues on the Council items of interest not on the agenda. Complimentary comments on performance are also appropriate for presentation. This should not be used in lieu of Any Other Matters as described herein.

Any Other Matters

Any Other Matters shall normally be limited to informational matters, such as reports of meetings attended.
If a Council Member requests that a matter be reconsidered, a vote shall be taken under Any Other Matters on whether to place that item on the next agenda.

One Council Member may request addition of an item to the agenda for the next Village Council Meeting, and unless there is a vote to the contrary the item will be added.

Quasi-Judicial Hearings

Witnesses shall be sworn at the beginning of the hearing; however, if someone wanted to speak who had not been sworn they may be sworn at the time they request permission to speak.
When reporting ex-parte communications, Council Members shall include a statement of the following:
  • Who they spoke to
  • Subject discussed
  • If they visited the site
The following order shall be observed by speakers during the hearing:
  • Open public hearing
  • Applicant
  • Staff
  • Village Council
  • Public
  • Applicant – final comments
  • Close public portion of hearing
  • Council deliberation and voting

General Items and Procedures

At Village Council meetings, staff members shall sit in the audience and come to the podium for presentations, eliminating the need for tables in front of the Village Council dais. 

Consent Agenda items shall be listed in a separate section of the agenda, eliminating the need for asterisks to designate the Consent Agenda items.

Council Meetings shall be conducted and controlled by the Mayor in a formal matter with Council Members requesting the Mayor give them the opportunity to speak and/or present their views, with each Council Member having equal opportunity to participate with the mutual respect of their colleagues.

Establishment of a new Department within the Village Administration, if deemed necessary, shall be proposed by the Village Manager and approved by Council prior to implementation. Realignment within an existing Department to maximize efficiency and effectiveness shall be accomplished by the Village Manager and published to Council when implemented.

The Village Attorney shall only be tasked to perform services by a Consensus of Council or at the request of the Village Manager.

Agendas and Minutes


The agenda is generally published a week prior to the Regular Council Meeting and is subject to change with additions or deletions.
The agenda packet inclusive of all backup and can be found on the agenda portal.


All minutes (Council and Boards and Committees) will be “Action Minutes” and should include the motion, second and vote. The audio of the meeting will be placed on the website for convenient access by the public and a CD of the audio can be requested through the Clerk’s Office.

Council Travel & Per Diem

Council Members shall be entitled to receive reimbursement as outlined by Florida State Statute.

Hiring of Outside Counsel

The Village Manager in coordination with the Village Attorney shall recommend the employment of outside counsel, whenever necessary, and this matter shall be brought before Council for approval. If outside counsel is needed immediately, prior to Council approval, the Village Manager will select an attorney, with the concurrence of the Village Attorney, and present same to Council for ratification at the next Council Meeting.