Business Highlights

Vice-Mayor Stone has embarked on a project to highlight Tequesta businesses. 

Several Council Members will be highlighting businesses as well. If you wish to have your incorporated Tequesta business highlighted, please contact the Village Clerk's Office and we will arrange a date and time based on schedule availability.


Pleasure Tiki and Island Oasis

Pleasure Tiki

This week Mayor Abby Brennan talks with Lisa and Glen Hoyer of Pleasure Tiki and Island Oasis. Lisa and Glen discuss their Polynesian paradise theme and the small town charm that brought them to Tequesta.  Watch the video


Under the Palms Realty

Under the Palms

This week, Vice-Mayor Stone talks with Laura Spalding, one of the owners of Under the Palms Realty.  Laura and Kyle discuss why she choose Tequesta, which is the best place to "sell sunshine and happy living!"  Watch the video


Inlet Concierge Medicine

Inlet Concierge MedicineThis week, Vice-Mayor Stone talks with Dr. Lindsey Patterson of Inlet Concierge Medicine as she discusses her unique approach to helping Tequesta residents with their medical needs. Watch her video