Cross Connection Control 

The Village of Tequesta maintains an active Cross-Connection Control program following Florida statutes to protect the potable water system from contaminants and pollutants at the point of connection and to ensure that proper backflow preventers are installed where hazards exist. This program is comprehensive and applies to all customers connected to the potable water system.

The Village has partnered with Aqua Backflow to administer our Cross-Connection Control program. If you have or require backflow protection, you may be notified by Aqua Backflow for compliance (testing, repairs, installations, inspections, or surveys). For more information contact the Village at (561) 768-0700 or Aqua Backflow at (847) 742-2296. Please note that Aqua Backflow does not test, install, or repair backflow preventers.

Certified testing companies can register and submit test results.