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Water Utility Billing Cycle and Due Date Change Began September 15th Allowing Customers To See Their Water Use and Notice Any Water Leaks Twice as Fast as in the Past!

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You’re Running the SH2OW!

The Customer Portal puts you in control of your water use. Through the Customer Portal you have unprecedented access to how you are using your water. With water use information down to an hourly level you can identify if you have a leak, see when and how much irrigation you’re using, set up alerts to let you know if your water use spikes and more. 

How to Set Up Your Portal

Understanding Your Water Use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to enroll in the Customer Portal?

No. It is NOT mandatory to enroll in the Customer Portal but you’re missing out on some pretty awesome stuff if you don’t.

Can I pay my bill through the Customer Portal?

Yes! The Customer Portal has a link that takes you to where you can pay your bill online. However, please note that the online bill pay system (Point and Pay) is a separate vendor.

My water data hasn’t updated in a couple days, what should I do?

The Advanced Metering (AMI) system updates every 4 hours. There are a number of things that may cause your meter to not communicate with the system every update (radio interference, something on top of your meter box, etc.). In most cases this clears up in a day or two. If your water data hasn’t updated in the Customer Portal in over a week give us a call at 561-768-0700 and we’ll help troubleshoot it.

I get the message “The account not be verified” when I try to set up my account in the Customer Portal?

The most likely reason is that you have a larger water meter that has not been replaced yet. Give us a call at 561-768-0700 if you get this message and we’ll help troubleshoot it.

How do I log into or Access the Portal once Registered?

Click on the "ACCESS CUSTOMER PORTAL" on the top of this page or use this portal link.