Special Event Rules


  • Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the event, for all events besides Tequesta Fest.
  • Zero Tolerance – Any disorderly conduct will result in immediate removal from the event.
  • No pets are allowed in park during a (Constitution Park) event.
  • Playground is off limits beginning at dusk.
  • Please help keep the park clean by picking up your trash before leaving the event.
  • Please refrain from smoking within the event.
  • Please leave bicycles, skateboards, etc. in designated areas outside the event.
  • Shirts and shoes are required for entry into the event.
  • Bills over $20 will NOT be accepted.
  • VOT residency status is proven with a valid Driver’s License.
  • A VOT resident cannot use his/her residency status in order for a non-resident to gain entry into an event (i.e. a resident cannot pick up wrist bands for a non-resident or use his/her license on behalf of a non-resident.)
  • Movies – There will be a designated blanket and chair area.
  • Movies – With respect to others, please be courteous and remain quiet during the duration of the movie.
  • Tequesta Festival - (Pre-event) wristband distribution (to residents) is limited to 5 per family.
  • At events requiring a wristband for entry, a wristband is required for everyone over 3 years of age.