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Report a Code Violation

  1. This form can be used to Report a Violation of the Code of Ordinances.  Please note that the contents of the below form are subject to disclosure upon request pursuant to Florida public records law, Chapter 119.

    Effective July 1, 2021, Florida Statutes 125.69, 162.21 and 166.0415 prohibit a code inspector from initiating an investigation of a potential violation of a duly enacted code or ordinance by way of an anonymous complaint.  The new provisions require an individual making a complaint of a potential violation to provide his or her full name (no initials), address, and first-hand knowledge of the violation to the local government body before an investigation may occur.  You may not submit a complaint on behalf of someone else.  Please complete the form below and press the submit button.    

  2. If you have trouble submitting this information, please call the Building Department at (561) 768-0450.

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